Murphy Media Group is an independent media buying agency that provides out-of-home (OOH) media solutions to advertising agencies and direct advertisers. Since we specialize exclusively in OOH, we are able to create effective advertising campaigns at highly competitive rates to suit your requirements and budget.

The world of outdoor media offers a wide range of advertising options, each of which must be thoroughly researched and purchased market-by-market to get the most effective results. Murphy Media Group can help you make the best choices for your campaign by handling all necessary research, negotiations, contracting, billing, production, tracking and delivery analysis of your OOH programs.

In addition, our specialists have in-depth knowledge of the latest trends in technology. We advise our clients on how to make the most of these new outdoor media strategies.

To learn more about the many advantages OOH has to offer and how Murphy Media Group can help you seize these opportunities, give us a call today.