Experiential Advertising

Experiential marketing is all about giving customers a fun and memorable brand experience. If you’re a unique coffee shop opening in a new market, wouldn’t it be great to have an enthusiastic coffee jetpack team handing out samples of your hot, delicious beverage on a cool winter day? Or, when steamy summertime rolls around, an iced-cappuccino would be a refreshing way to place your brand in the hands of passersby.

When it comes to experiential advertising, the possibilities are endless and extremely cost effective. Let us show you just how many ways Murphy Media Group can put these productive tools to work for you. Our imagination and creative approach will convince you that this type of buzz might be the best way to build your business.

Take a look at our range of services below:

  • Street teams
  • Coffee jetpack teams
  • Interactive digital screens
  • Pop-up shops