Transit Media

Transit advertising is an effective way to reach consumers as they travel using public transportation systems in metropolitan areas. Placing your ads outside and inside buses, subway trains, trams, and more allows you to deliver your message on a daily basis, reaching a large number of mobile audiences at a lower cost. We can place your ads on the following transit systems:


Move your message through the market. As buses travel the streets, your advertisement can be seen by both pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

  • Full wraps - Display engaging advertisements that will capture your audience’s attention.
  • King Kongs - Partial-wrapped ads covering a large part of a side of a bus. (Large impact-full display)
  • Kings - Located on either side of the bus, typically 30″ x 144″ in size.
  • Queens - Usually located on the curbside of the bus, 30″ x 88″ in size.
  • Taillights - Located at the back, lower half of the bus in various sizes.
  • Interiors - Ads shown to commuting audience. Display placement and sizes may vary.


Put your message in front of commuters, pedestrians, and vehicles on routes along the busiest corridors of your city. Commuter rail, light rail, and subway advertising offers repeated exposure to an urban population.

Trains/Bus Stations

Riders typically spend extended periods of time in stations, meaning your ads get more exposure to potential buyers throughout the day.

  • Dominations
  • Dioramas
  • Floor Clings
  • Posters
  • Walls
  • Digital
  • Elevator/Escalator Wraps


Deliver high-impact advertisements to pedestrians and vehicular traffic in urban areas. Just like buses, taxis can be fully-wrapped to maximize visibility.

  • Taxi tops
  • Taxi interiors
  • Taxi trunks