Traditional Media

Traditional out-of-home advertising includes billboards, digital bulletins, posters, wallscapes, and more. These media have existed for decades for one good reason -- they work! Located in high-traffic areas, they are the most common form of OOH media and come in various sizes and forms.


Bulletins are the largest and among the most impactful OOH media formats. They are located primarily on major roads and are mostly visible to vehicular traffic and pedestrians.

  • Rotary bulletins: are moved to different locations periodically to give broad market coverage.
  • Permanent bulletins: have dominant coverage of high traffic volumes at fixed locations, and remain stationary throughout the duration of the contract.


Posters are smaller in size than bulletins and are primarily located in commercial and industrial areas on major local roads. They mainly target vehicular traffic and pedestrians.

Digital Billboards

An effective medium that is best utilized in campaigns with multiple creative concepts, digital billboards display static messages that rotate every few seconds with typically six to eight advertisers sharing the same location.


Wallscapes are placed directly on the sides of buildings. These ads are painted on the surface or are printed to vinyl substrates and attached to walls.


Designed to gain maximum attention from people in the vicinity, spectaculars deliver messages through eye-catching digital graphics such as neon tubing, backlit panels, hydraulic motion, and fiber optics.

Murphy Media Group has had a significant history dealing with traditional media in many outdoor markets throughout the nation. We evaluate each client’s needs and negotiate with the vendors involved to ensure your campaigns are visually appealing to your audience.